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Car Manufacturers

Is your Audio Presentation sexy enough?

You have spent billions on the creation of a new.

Launch time: All is ready. You have installed one of the best sound systems money can buy, with a HiEnd brand to show visually how good it is.

But... Is it really delivering the message to your potential buyers?

On top-of-the-line models, your system will be - mandatorily these days - SURROUND.

Has anyone apart from the engineers in your audio department ever played one song in 5.1 or 7.1 in it? Most probably not.

And neither will your Dealers. Nor your staff at trade shows. And, most importantly, your customers.

Effectively, with a surround system, you have engineered a very expensive solution for a problem no one will ever experience. Yet, surround music in a car cockpit is a fantastic experience - for those lucky enough to have tried it.

Three Ways We Can Help

  • Helping Dealers Demonstrate their Cars

    We provide the “emotional ammunition” for dealers to pluck their customers’ chords and to show them how much difference it makes to play music properly on board

  • Providing Packages of Music to Owners

    We spend approximately 500 hours per year in a car on average. We can provide the owners with fantastic packages to play the music they love at the highest possible quality for their car, giving them musical epiphany for all their journeys

  • Bespoke Services

    MCMM can help you capture ALL the music that meant anything to you in your life, the emotions it is liked with, and collect it once and for all in a safe, certified way, where you will never lose it ever again, for you to play in your car, in your home, anywhere, at the best possible quality. Always.