MyCarMyMusic LTD - Because Music Matters

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Our Service

A consultancy to radically improve your experience of music: a problem few recognize, but many would love to have resolved

You love playing music on your stereo, in your car, on your boat, or even private plane. You bought the best systems available. Yet, there is still something missing.

No matter what installation you may have, where it is, how carefully it has been put in place, if your music sources are not of the highest quality, you will be missing on the details that make your time spent listening to music special.

It's like having dinner at a 3-star Michelin restaurant and discovering that your meal wil be served in "astronaut on ISS mission" size and preparation. Dehydrated, compacted, made to fit in the smallest space, music loses all its elating characteristics: texture, colour, 3-dimensional landscape; in other words, its soul.

Time to get the soul back in the music you love. Time to let us find what really moves you in the music you love.

Three Ways We Can Help

  • Helping Dealers Demonstrate their Cars

    We provide the “emotional ammunition” for dealers to pluck their customers’ chords and to show them how much difference it makes to play music properly on board

  • Providing Packages of Music to Owners

    We spend approximately 500 hours per year in a car on average. We can provide the owners with fantastic packages to play the music they love at the highest possible quality for their car, giving them musical epiphany for all their journeys

  • Bespoke Services

    MCMM can help you capture ALL the music that meant anything to you in your life, the emotions it is liked with, and collect it once and for all in a safe, certified way, where you will never lose it ever again, for you to play in your car, in your home, anywhere, at the best possible quality. Always.